Offer Valuable Lead Magnets to ReadersLead magnets can be one of the most powerful weapons in any publisher’s arsenal. Whether you offer subscriptions, articles, or magazines, these little bites of high-value content can get you (way) closer to your goal.

In simple terms, a lead magnet is any type of content offered in exchange for contact information. These bites of free content are usually downloadable or embedded in a private webspace.

Some examples of popular lead magnets are articles, PDF guides, podcast episodes, or videos. Lead magnets tend to be the second step of a buyer’s conversion path, offered to them after they’ve clicked on one of your ads or social media posts. If implemented correctly, this strategy can be incredibly efficient; but one of its main issues is that it can also be very time-consuming.

Worry not! We will give you some of the best tips we know to approach lead magnet creation in the right way.

What’s in a lead?
Capturing the attention of those who’ve shown interest in your offering is a golden opportunity. Lead magnets are a way to draw in prospects who’ve interacted with your marketing content and seem to be somewhat attracted to what you provide.

Even if you are a publisher offering 100% free content, getting users’ email addresses is a great way to keep them updated on new content and turn them into recurrent readers.
This strategy applies to all business models!
A good lead magnet is a bridge that can potentially convert someone from your target market into a qualified prospect. One of the reasons why it’s such a powerful strategy is because it makes you someone who gives VALUE before asking for something in return, which everybody appreciates!

No one really likes to have an annoying and random salesperson trying to pressure them into purchasing expensive things. The relationship between publisher and reader must be strategic, progressive, and based on trust and reciprocity.
What to offer?

Long webinars and fat ebooks have proven to be inefficient lead magnets. People don’t like to take on significant commitments that they didn’t initially seek for; especially when they aren’t familiar with the author. That means that your effort to create long-form, high-quality content will be wasted.

We suggest doing it differently. Figure out something practical that your target market really needs, and offer it to them in a short, simple, and digestible format like deep-dive articles or special editions.

If you manage to crack that code, you will have prospects registering for your lead magnets for months (and even years) after you’ve put them in place. They will become an evergreen source of qualified prospects! However, for that to happen more efficiently, you’ve got to follow specific guidelines.

These tips below are part of The Fletcher Method, and we believe they are some of the best ideas out there to create high-converting lead magnets that really work.
Have it solve ONE problem or address ONE topic: make a list of common issues your target market has that you can solve for them through your business and select the one you feel is the most valuable. If you are a publisher, you can focus on picking popular topics that your readers love and choosing one that will get a lot of traction.
Make it short, simple, and sweet: now that you’ve picked your topic, turn it into a 5-10 min piece that’s easy to follow, straightforward, and that provides an effective solution to the problem your prospect has.
Offer them a slice of the cake: if you offer subscription-based or premium content, your lead magnet has to represent a small part of a much more extensive offering. Otherwise, the prospect will feel satisfied with their freebie and not be interested in purchasing more. If you solve a problem for them, make it clear that you have more solutions. If you provided a piece of great free content, show them that there’s much more from where that came from.
Position yourself as an expert: to gain trust from your prospects, you need to show them you (or your business) are qualified. That’ll make them feel that they can gain a lot of value if they continue the journey with you.
Make them act: always include a strong CTA at the end of your lead magnet. It has to state what you want them to do next clearly.
Make the benefits crystal clear: tell your prospects precisely what it is that you are providing in terms of value. You are meant to use this free content to take them from a place of lack to getting something they didn’t have before (and hopefully really want!)
Write a bold title: your title has to explain what they’ll get from your lead magnet. It has to be very clear, but also be engaging and playful. Write several options that are provocative and creative, then select the strongest one.
Quantify your promise: when you assign a specific number/amount to the outcome you are helping them get, you create a clearer picture of what they will win. Don’t lie! Use a plausible number of something they might achieve if they implement what you are proposing. It’s not the same to say “A great method to obtain new paying customers,” as to say “A great method to obtain thirty new customers in thirty days.”
Make it nice: a clean-cut visual delivery adds value. Even more importantly, it adds perceived value by creating the impression of good quality. There’s no need to make it overly sophisticated or to spend big budgets on design; just make it neat and pleasant to the sight.
How we do it

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